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Jack Cooperman, ASC – Director of Photography

A native of Los Angeles, Jack Cooperman, ASC developed an interest 
in theatrical lighting and set design in high school. He then focused on these specialties while attending the University of Southern California and its Drama Department. Jack began his career as a Lighting Designer for plays and operas. From there he
went on to shoot documentaries and feature films. He then worked on many
high-profile commercials and feature films. During the 1970s, he earned a reputation
as a versatile visual effects cameraman with a special talent for underwater,
aerial and miniature cinematography. A short list of Cooperman’s special photographic credits includes:
Titanic, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Star Trek IV, An Officer and a Gentleman, The Contender, Death Becomes Her, Big Trouble in Little China, Hook 
and Top Gun
His work on the visual effects photography for the movies BlueThunder and War Games were both considered for Academy Awards, with the latter earning a BAFTA nomination. Jack Cooperman was the Director of Special Visual Effects Photography
for the miniseries Winds of War, which won an Emmy in that category. Cooperman’s cinematography credits also include episodes of the classic TV series Hill Street Blues. Presently his work can be seen in several of Disney World’s Epcot Center Pavilions. Highlights of his career include service as Vice-President of the American Society of Cinematographers, and being chosen to participate in the selection of the first films to be put on the Library of Congress National Film Preservation List.