Baja Sun Films

Now, building​​ on the strength of our unique footage, Baja Sun Films is embarking on new projects:

"The Happiest Race on Earth" just celebrated it's 50th anniversary in April, 2017.

Today the Mexican Baja 1000 maintains a family friendly atmosphere. We will meet three generations of racers up close to probe their hearts and minds, what keeps them coming back year after year to Baja. From movie star to

water boy, from pro to amateur, there are no egos here. It’s just man and machine VS the elements and the brutal course. The race now features a four day vintage car rally which is open to everyone. It takes everything you got,

just to make it to the finish line!

In 1969 when two titans of cinema got behind the wheels of their iconic race cars, our cameras were rolling. On the ground, from the air and inside the vehicles our film crew captured all the thrills & spills of what’s become known as the longest, toughest and most dangerous race in the world. Conceived as a feature film by renowned Hollywood cinematographer, Jack Cooperman, this exclusive footage shows the grueling conditions the drivers had to face. For two days they drove non-stop nearly 1000 miles on the punishing off-road course known as ‘The Devils Playground’.

More than 200 people entered the 1969 race, but less than half would finish. The course has remained relatively the same over the years, a point-to-point race from Ensenada to La Paz. 

When the National Off-Road Racing Association hosted the first few runnings of the Mexican Baja 1000 in the 1960’s, it drew such names as Rod Hall, Bruce Meyers, Ak Miller, Larry Minor, Bill Stroppe, Vic Hickey, Parnelli Jones, Mickey Thompson, Mike Nesmith, James Garner, and Steve McQueen. The re-launch of the NORRA Mexican 1000 was delayed in 2009 by Mexico’s hurricanes and earthquakes, but it finally re-started in 2010.

  • Producing a feature-length documentary film

Featuring never before seen film footage of the first Baja 1000 races, plus new interviews with the original racers, their children & grand children expressing their personal connections & love of this race both past and present. We have exclusive  footage of Garner & McQueen racing in their iconic race cars from the 60's! Plus the modern off-road races & vintage car rallies, in Mexico & the US, in which many of the the same vehicles,  having been lovingly restored to their former glory,  take on the same treacherous desert course.

  • Producing a television series

Where the film focuses on the Golden Age of off-road racing and the relationship between James Garner & Steve McQueen, the TV show will explore in greater detail the people & the micro-culture that makes up the exciting world of off-road racing today!

  • Producing a celebrity driven charity fundraising event

We will offer a rare opportunity to get behind the wheels of these iconic vintage race cars. We will tap into a long list of past participants from the Long Beach Celebrity Grand Prix, which ran it's last race in 2016. By bidding for the opportunity to drive a vintage race car at each leg of the 5 day rally, celebrity drivers will raise money to benefit the charities of their choice!