A documentary film about the longest, toughest and most dangerous race in the world!

‚Äč1969 Mexican Baja 1000

1969 Mexican Baja 1000

This uber-buggy was custom built by Hurst Fabrication. It had a rocky start, breaking down in three of it's first four races. It continued racing into the 70's changing owners many times. It was lost for years, but found & restored in 2010.

This iconic Oldsmobile 442 was customized by the legendary Vic Hickey. The car, 1 of 3 built, competed in the Baja 1000 races from 1969 - 1972.

It was lost for over 30 years, then found & restored in 2008.

Baja Sun Films

James Garner driving  The Grabber

Steve McQueen driving The Baja Boot